Power Flushing for contaminated Central Heating

Our MYH engineers are prompt, professional and proficient.

We use specialist equipment including power flush pumps, magnet filters, PH meters & Infra red thermometers to ensure the job in completed professionally

Using this equipment produces the highest quality, stable power flushing installation, and we will ensure that everything is working perfectly before we leave your premises

Other services include:

  •  Pump replacement
  • Radiator valve replacement
  • Pipe upgrades
  • Additional radiators
  • Boiler service

Whats’s involved in a Powerflush?

MYH Heating & Plumbing can offer a Power flush service which will improve the heat output from your radiators and improve efficiency from your heating system.

A powerflush consists of attaching a machine to your central heating system via a suitable connection point and circulating chemicals and water around your system at high velocity in the normal and opposite direction of the water flow. During this process we will isolate each individual radiator and circulate the chemicals through each radiator until we are happy with the temperature output of the radiator. We will powerflush each radiator until all your radiators are in working order and are full heating up.

If you are having problems with any individual radiators, just let us know beforehand and we can focus our attention on that particular radiator.

An additional advantage of using us to carry out your powerflush is that we will attach a magnetic filter to the powerflush machine which will collect all the magnetic particles that are circulating around your system preventing them from entering your system again and therefore removing them completely. A powerflush can generally take about 6 hours to complete properly. However, this all depends on the condition of your heating system and the problems that you are experiencing.

Typical signs that your system will need a powerflush are:

  • Cold Spots on Radiators
  • Noises Coming From Central Heating System
  • Radiators Slow To Heat Up
  • Dirty Water Coming From The Radiators When Bleeding
  • Constant Air Build Up In Particular Radiators

If you would like a competitive quote for power flushing your central heating system, then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be able to advise you on the best practice.