Boiler Installation

Boiler Installation in Croydon

MYH Heating and Plumbing provides gas boiler installation and replacement service in Croydon and the surrounding areas at very competitive prices.

If your boiler is broken down or you have no heating or hot water we can arrange a free quote and consultation to discuss the most suitable boiler replacement to suit your budget and the majority of boiler installations can be carried out in Croydon in as little as 1 day.

We have a good relationship with the merchants we use in Croydon and can get discounts on boilers and fittings and means we can pass the savings on to you.

We can help you to choose the correct boiler and suitable locations to fit your boiler which can help reduce the stress and worry. There is always a suitable boiler that can replace whatever type of gas boiler you have at the moment. We will install a gas boiler that comes with a 2-5 year guarantee depending on the model

When it comes to installing your boiler we know how important customer service is, our fully qualified boiler installers will arrive on site at the time agreed, we will then carry out the following steps:

  • Discuss the installation to see if you are happy with the way we will carry out the boiler installation and that you have not changed your mind on anything since time of quote.
  • Turn off gas supply and make sure no gas leaks on pipework present.
  • Lay dust sheets and make sure any part in your home we are working on is covered to prevent any damage to your floor covering.
  • Drain down your heating system.
  • Power flush your heating system if included in your quote.
  • Remove your old boiler and any redundant pipework that is not required.
  • Fit your new boiler on to the wall and connect on to water and gas pipework.
  • Connect flue system to boiler, this may involve coring a hole through the wall or roof if hole is not already present and make sure it meets regulations.
  • When we install the combi boiler we will ensure that a magnetic filter, a scale reducer and condensing pipe is installed to meet regulations.
  • Apply inhibitor to system and pressurise system with water.
  • Test your gas supply to make sure there no gas leaks.
  • Carry out all relevant tests on boiler.
  • Remove old boiler and any debris from site.
  • Clean and hoover of any areas worked on.
  • Advise you on how to operate boiler and any controls.
  • Use the latest analyser to check the boiler.
  • All relevant documentation filled in, including gas safety inspection and boiler guarantee.

 The benefits of having your old boiler replaced with a new one can save on average £290 per year, only new boilers with more than 85% efficiency or more can be installed, this is not to mention the cost of labour and parts that are spent by customers on their old boilers.

Give us a call today for your free boiler quote in Croydon, we will beat any like for like you have been given

The most common type of boiler we install is the combi boiler which provides both heating and hot water, installing this type of boiler has the following benefits:


Provides instant hot water unlike system boilers that heat a hot water tank situated somewhere else in your home.

Most of these types of boilers are very small and compact, can be installed in a kitchen wall unit.

Save on fuel bills as you only burn gas when tap runs in hot water mode unlike system boilers that heat a hot water tank that may not be fully used.

This type of boiler does away with the need for any hot water tanks or storage tanks giving you more storage space.